The Team

PLMR’s Brexit consultants have successfully worked with clients to effect change on a range of regulatory and policy issues. We work with clients to help them achieve their objectives. By formulating strategies to communicate with governments, shaping the media debate and managing corporate reputations, PLMR delivers return on investment.

Joe Mitton

Joe Mitton leads PLMR’s Brexit Unit.  As a former adviser to the Mayor of London and lead Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson (now the UK’s Foreign Secretary), Joe understands the motivations and priorities of the Cabinet Ministers leading efforts to exit the EU.  Joe represented the Mayor on Home Affairs issues when Ms May was Home Secretary, before he was appointed as Johnson’s Senior Adviser for Business and Science.  As business adviser Joe worked directly with the current EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science. In a previous role, he was a diplomatic negotiator for the Australian Government at the 2009 G20 Summit.

Kevin Craig

PLMR’s CEO Kevin Craig has 22 years’ experience in public relations, winning awards such as Public Affairs Consultant of the Year and internationally renowned Gold Lions at Cannes. He has led numerous successful campaigns, including negotiating at the European Commission level on R&D tax credits and has worked directly to a European Commissioner (Padraig Flynn), on a major continent-wide campaign for the International Year Against Racism.

Elin de Zoete

As PLMR’s Managing Director, Elin has led award-winning campaigns to influence change at all levels of government, including achieving announcements on tax cuts in the Chancellor’s annual Budget. Elin has successfully advised NHS Trusts, trade bodies, charities and other organisations with a direct interest in government policies.

Ollie Lane

A former journalist, Ollie Lane rose to be chief press officer to the then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, who played a key role in the Brexit campaign and the Conservative Party leadership contest. As chief press officer, Ollie briefed Secretaries of State and Ministers ahead of media interviews and Select Committee hearings. During his time at the DfE, he was seconded to the Prime Minister’s press office, gaining valuable insights into the workings of Number 10 Downing Street.

Robin Dyet

The Scottish Government’s response to Brexit will be critical, not only for the negotiations with the EU, but also for the future of the United Kingdom itself. PLMR’s Scotland manager is ideally placed to advise you on policy developments at Holyrood and beyond. Robin has experience of working in both Holyrood and Westminster in a range of roles, including as a Senior Researcher for over 100 MPs and as a media advisor to the Scottish Shadow Cabinet.